Girl without Father

The first and the foremost thing. There’s nothing in this world as pure as a Father-Daughter relationship.

And The girl without a father -Me.


Growing up without a father is rough. Its tough. Your absence have made a void that none can ever fill in my life. You took away the colours of my life with you. Experiencing a life without you creates unearth pain in my heart and the pain that i have to hide from the entire world. Everyday.

I’m always afraid of abandonment and rejections.

Because you are not here with me to handle me and take care of me during the times i meet failure in my life.

I’m afraid of falling in love baba, nowadays I have got a mindset of avoiding romantic enlargement.I fear of getting hurt again. And i cannot bear that pain anymore.


You are not here with me. To support me. To give me a sholder to cry when i need it.

Baba,Nowadays I’m afraid of revealing myself to the world outside. What if,they get me wrong. And i cannot handle the situation alone.


You are not here with me to support me and have scoopes of icecream with me at 2 am in our roof top and gently makkng me realise what’s wrong and what’s right for me. Where to open up and where to not. Whom to trust and whom to not.

Was there really any valid reason to leave me into this complex world this early and just escape like the superman-that you were to me?

I’m derived of the love and care that I used to receive from my father for the whole life time. I got deprived of the reason why I wake up everyday.

Noone will ever understand me.

Noone will ever care for me.

Noone will ever protect me.

—the way you used to.

Nonetheless, you made me stronger. You made me your brave daughter who is enough to fight her own battle. Who can handle herself through the tough times life puts her into. You made me a complete person who can raise her up after she has fallen down repeatedly. The one who never gives up. The one who has the guts to point out wrong and the stubborn to stand at her ground. -Just the soldier that you wanted to brought up.

At the end of the day I miss you a lot Baba.

Can you take me to the place where you are now?

-Yours and only yours,





Hellow friends, hope you all are well. 

Today I am writing to let you know about one of my dreams that has come true suddenly. 

I dreamt. Yes. Literally dreamt of having my own youtube channel for a long time. Had none beside me to help or support. Somehow the fire was going down. Then one fine day, I shared this long hidden fact to the love of my life. I immediately found a lot of support, courage and enthusiasm in him regarding my channel. He immediately chirped, “You shouldn’t wait anymore. Let’s start it now.” 

From that day began our preparations. We found,listed,gathered ideas,projects,themes for our channel. 

And on December 2017 we came up with our first video. Which is about our trek.

Channel – Life with Thriti. 

Hope you all will love it and support me.

I need that. Things will mean a lot to me. 

Here is the link

🎅Santa & Soumit. 🎅

24th Dec 2017. 11:30 pm. : It was a hard day. And like most of grown up teenagers I left the idea of Santa and stockings. Presently believing in bringing our own happiness and own gifts as well. ☺

Christmas 2017. 12:30 am. : Wide awake in my bed, scrolling down the newsfeed and probably cursing my lame life ( here lame refers to no party on 24th night) I got a call from my man.

Before everything let me know you people that the evening before we had a long debate on Santa and stuff. Where he tried to prove Santa’s existence and I denied completely and repeatedly.

Like always he dearingly called me by the name that he is fond of calling.

– I smiled.

-Listen, a guy named Santa was asking for your house address and I gave it to him.

-Okay. So where did you meet him?

– I met him on my way returning home.


….and thus continued our day ending conversation.

Something knocked in my head.

Something fishy.

It was 1:05 am. : I woke my mother up from her sleep. And headed towards the main entrance of our house.

My emotions erupted. Like a kid squeaking in joy spotting a man with colourful balloons my soul bursted into a happy dance. To my utter surprise was a gift package hanging on the gate. I wanted to shout out and say to my father that after you I got another Santa in my life after so many years. All my grown up and reality based attitude got vanished for a few moment. I literally had tears of joy in my eyes. The joy was fathomless.

I got the sweetest gifts from the sweetest Santa Clause this year.

And that Santa was none other than – Soumit- the love of my life- the person who takes care of all my happiness and takes away all my sadness far,far away from me.- the Santa of my life who comes in bike and not on sledge to gift me at night,the Santa who can travel miles and do impossibles just to see my smiling face, the Santa who will treat me like a kid forever and protect me forever and ever and ever. 🎅

Dear Santa, You have me always. ☺

Love. Bye. ❤

🎄Belated merry merry Christmas and advanced Happy new year to all. 🎄


Would you let the gold bird be caged or set it free?

My notion – I would set it free.

We as humans are conditioned to keep emotions, loved ones, metirialistic items caged in our heart,homes or bank lockers.We don’t let loss. We are too scared of loss. And this fear of loss attracks loss.When you let the bird fly,you let it free becsuse you believe somewhere in your heart that its yours but you don’t need a cage to prove it. You havd a power,happiness,freedom and grace and then you attrack more of that feeling. And. This feeling results in abundance and absolute happiness.

Let go, fly, evolve. Let your soul find its purpose. Let your love be more dominant than your fear. 

-thriti ❤

●Starting Afreash ●

Hellow Lovelies,

                           Hope you all are well. It feels great to talk to you after so long. I went under some hibernation till date. 

Here, I will be dealing the caption of my blog which is also the reason of my long term detachment. 🎈

Over this time things have changed in my life. I fell down but didn’t waste a single second  to rise again. Learnt many things in life.Had Adventure. Saw new things.  Met new people. And most importantly I fell in love. ❤

This time gap prepared me to start my life, career, hobbies and passion from the very beginning. 

Sharing my 5 ways to start life afreash. 

1. Starting all over and rebuilding from the scratch is Never easy. It will take time. Have patience.

2. Maintain a personal mission statement. And try to accomplish those little missions to start with and that will bring power energy and faith to fulfill the next one. 

3. Life will never be the way you want it. It will always surprise you. Don’t expect a perfect life. Try and make it something close to perfect. 

4. Don’t worry about big success- celebrate every little milestone that will lead to bigger dreams. Concentrate on small things. Don’t hurry to achieve in short span. Concentrate on one thing at a time. 

5. Don’t try to fit in. Do not act. Be the original you. Love the original you. Let the world accept the YOU. 🌷

                     -Yours Thriti. 💙


I Choose You. 

I choose you,as I wake up.

I choose I feel the air on my skin. 

I choose you at 7. 
I choose you when everything around me is alive, rushing, loud.
Feet shuffling, sellers selling, Bell ringing,

I choose you when people fighting for their place;

because. I already found mine when I saw your eyes.
I choose you in the middle of my busy life at 11:30, 

As I try to scramble my brain for answers,

Life’s going but you’re all I see,

And I don’t want to, but I smile. 
I choose you when I see everyone returning at 3. 

Am I losing my mind?

Hey there! You are smiling at me.
Its 8 pm. assignments, chores and lot of other things.

And yet all I could think of was with you. 

The gleam in your eyes. the care in your heart. the love in your mind. 

How do I let go of that all?

I choose you. 
Almost midnight. 

I’m awake as I replay our memories in my mind. 

Its 12:54 and my fragile heart can’t crumble anymore.

I choose you as I get your call. 

I will never stop choosing you. xoxo.

Make The Best Use Of Life. ⏳

Make the best use of life

Life is not a bed of roses, nor a piece of cake. Life is very unpredictable. You never know what awaits you in the future. It throws you into hardships and failures. At times life becomes a battlefield running on negativity. During this phase you cannot lose hope and give up. At such times you have to make a shield by making use of whatever you have. Just like the proverb ‘When life throws you lemons, make lemonade’. 

Giving up on tough times are a sign of coward ness, rather than seeing the positive side of it which is in fact the most important and difficult task. 
Time does not wait for anyone; it moves on. Learn to move with the flow, face all situations with a smile and never. i repeat never give up. 


Being happy and satisfied in life is most important. 💜