Girl. You are Beautiful.

You are beautiful. 

You are rare.

You are worthwhile. 

This life is entirely yours. This life is all about rewarding yourself with every single entity you so-well-deserve. 

It is about working a career that you love. It is about saving money to travel the world. To shop for the stuffs you like and to save to your future. 

Girl. You deserve better. You deserve the most beautiful authentic love that life has to offer. You deserve the one who loves how genuine your heart is. 

This short span of time which God has gifted you is all about dealing with your flaws. Learning to love your faults and accepting your not-so-beautiful qualities. This time is all about laughing loudly while watching a comedy movie or screaming to the top of your lungs when you watch a horror movie or finishing up a box of Kleenex while watching a sad movie. It is about eating till your stomach is filled as if a really bad drought and famine is about to come to pass. 

Your life is about being Independent-Intelligent-Important.

Your life is about taking a deep breath by yourself without choking. About jumping without being scared of falling. It is your time to jump, fly,  live fearlessly. To climb your own mountain and to go out and live. 

It is the time to put your big girl shoes on now. It is the time to look at yourself in the mirror and telling that you are enough. Time to shine without needing a diamond ring in your finger. Time to put yourself first. 


At the end of the day you are going to leave this earth by yourself just like you entered it by yourself. 

Here’s to a much happier future! 




What Success Is..

Success is not just winning.

It is “winning over” the hearts of many,

Success is not just victory,

Because even victors were failures once,

Success is not just happiness

It is also about the moment’s satisfying smile,

Success is not always hard work,

Who knows,if you are a prodigy? 

Success is not distressed by failure in a test

You might as well be successful tomorrow,

Success is not just about “position” and “possession”,

It depends on how possessed you are by the thought of your position.

And failure;

It is not a catastrophe

All it indicates is,

Success is waiting for you in propinquity. 

– Thriti. 

Seasons and memories


Memories are turning into sketches of grey.

Life still reflects in words everything I try to say,

Images and ideas swim from a quill to a white page,

The overpowering ink-stained emotions become the latest rage

Characters become lovers;a pencil an embrace,

Acts become life,a father’s kind face;

Imagination and creation both share a space,

Thoughts taking shape,events interlace.

Abstractly quiet,mournfully beautiful a long stemmed rose

Coloured pencil memories,hands at poise,the pen in response.

-td 🙂

Virtual Relations 

The relationship of a child and a parent is very true and genuine. It is a link based on truth,faith and belief. To every parent,his or her child is very dear and precious. Nurturing this relationship requires quality time from both the ends. In today’s days of throat cutting rat-race, both the parents have a busy scheduled life and they hardly get time to even take a look at the activities done by the child throughout the day. Instead,the trend these days is to substitute their guilt with loads of money,gadgets and junk food.

The ample time spent alone makes the children feel neglected and they in turn find solace in friends,electronic gadgets and in friends’ oriented social networking websites. 

The bond between parents and children is weakening day by day. I wonder sometimes that all parent want their child to achieve the pinnacle of success so that they can enshrine their names as proud parents. But. Do they really give constructive time to achieve it? Aren’t they responsible for creating a sense of loneliness by evading their love all day when they are away at work, and supporting their children just for practical requirements? 

It’s a message I Want to convey to all those parents who are too busy to care for their children. A parent child relationship is created by magical powers; please do not just let it go away so as to repent it later.

It’s a message I Want to convey to all those parents who are too busy to care for their children. A parent child relationship is created by magical powers; please do not just let it go away so as to repent it later.