This is Life. 🍁🍁

During which you have to stay alive,

And bear all the grievances:

As honey is stored in a bee-hive
Sometimes you meet as you walk by,

Happiness which acts as a squirrel,

Indeed very shy and trouble of all shorts,that wonder about.

And you figure out,

each of them, to be fat and stout.

This lane of life is full of strife

Taking along terror, anger, failure and sadness ;

All made into knife,

And stabbing all the happy moments

That construct a joyous life.

So, don’t let trouble rule your entire life

And let happiness to be the spirit which is to live inside.

A bigger core of your heart and a great success

Should be the aim of your life. 








All the happiness in me dies.

Brine, brine in my eyes

Bleary vision, future’s bleak

From my heart emerges such reek.

Oh, I have been made do weak!

Chilly gates, sweltering loo

Don’t know simply what to do.

Wish I could surrender my all in you.

Bosom heaves, self revolts

Scathing failures, umpteen jolts

Wish like the caterpillar I could moult.

Nights arrived gone is day.

No hope around, around no ray.

Life is now in such dismay.

Mind isn’t still.

Dread in me does fill,

Thoughts ascillate,kill,

With passing time I become

Helpless, desperate, lonely, lame

Mortal existence is such a tough game

I think I’ll leave it to time,

I think I’ll just leave it to time,

Yes I do think that’ll be fine.





First Impressions.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

       -Oscar Wilde

When we meet someone for the first time we are actually determining how our friendship will be in future.Most importantly we giving them a first look at who we are and what the tone of our relationship is going to be. First impressions cause first opinions as well. How good these impressions are at making an accurate judgement of people depends on the observer and the person being observed. This means the person we meet will judge our appreance and actions. Recent studies have shown that people can evaluate someone’s attributes in the first 20 to 30 seconds in the same way as a trained professional can in 20 minutes. 

The tone of relationship is also determined by first impressios. If we act comfortable and relaxed, chances are they will also be comfortable and relaxed. This also works the other way round. Keeping a positive attitude is the key when setting the tone of a relationship. Before either says a word, our brain is already has internal conversation. It asks things like “Who does thus person remind me of?” And “how this person like me?” 

There is a science to first impression that most people don’t know about. When we meet someone for the first time our body does a plethora of different things. First our eyes and brain get engaged and tell us the appearance of the person, then our nose kicks in and helps us to know what we think of them and can leave a long lasting devastating effect even if everything else is normal. ☺☺✌ 

Music and Me. 

Hellow everyone! 

Back in blog after a long time. And it really feels great! ☺


Lately, I realised one thing. And that is what Music is in my life!! 🎶

What is music? 

Google: ” The written or printed signs representing vocal or instrumental sound.” 

Me: “Music is life,”  

Music, whichever kind I listen to,hugely affects my mind and behaviour. I generally spend more time listening to music than doing anything else. Music is greatly influencing my life these days. 

To me, music is like a companion of mine who will be there for me through every storm of sadness and every whirl of delight I pass through. In my bad times music made me dream of happy future days! In good times, music stood by my side to inspire me to do better!

It is much more easier to reach to me through music than it is through anything else.

Through music, I familiarised myself with the notion of love, the heart breaking feeling of breakups, the fights of life, the reign of supreme, the fear of living alone or losing any dear ones. 

Sometimes I  spend a warm afternoon with Willie Nelson. Wish the world good morning with Love Generation-Bob Sinclar. Or think a lot with One Republic. While I get courage to fight back from Beyonce. Overcome my exam fears with Will smith or Eminem. Yes. Or put an end to my whole tiring day with Coldplay or Metallica. Every activities of mine can be related to music.

Music is not just an Entertainment. It also taught me certain values like friendship, being true to myself, being honest, never giving up and much more. Music lifted me enough for me to touch the stars and know that this world is not at all tragic! ☺ 

I find peace and solace through music. ☺ 

-music is life! ☺