We are always surrounded by stories. We walk past stories, whiz past them in cars, and even speak about them inadvertently. When we write stories our primary motive is to make them stand out among other stories. All stories are so similar and yet so different. They are similar in the sense that every story speaks about a person’s life, and different in the sense that lives of no two persons are the same. Everywhere we go, stories follow us like shadows. Stories talk to us if only we care to listen. The story of the man driving the cab is radically different from that of the man sitting at the back. Yet both of them are in the sane car in close proximity. Likewise, stories can attain different characteristics too. Popular fiction, which we are acquainted with, has excellent narratives, keeps the readers completely hooked, but does not have ornamental language or literary devices. At the same time, literally fiction fiction is replete with both language and good writing style, but lacks diverting narratives. But both are stories procured from everyday life and tells tales about people. We tend to consider writers to be blessed with extraordinary imaginative skills but little are we aware of the fact that stories are floating in volumes all around us. All we need to do is to keep our eyes open. 



Author: Thriti's Blog

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