My city Calcutta is often referred to as ‘the city of joy’.

The streets of the city add a greater dimension to its beauty. They hum with life. They are always busy. They are filled with mystery, history and wrapped in nostalgia. The streets of Calcutta are may not be well maintained. But it shelters many lives at night. And earns living for street hawkers. Sometimes these turn into huge business area like Gariahut, Esplanade, College Street. The whole day the noise of people buying and bargaining items will fill your ear. Walking on them daily is a nightmare. The street names are connected with its past. Often named after famous personality who belonged to this city.  Calcutta is famous for its iconic trum rails. In one side of Calcuttan street you will get to see the expensive cars, huge lorry carrying industrial goods chasing the whole day. Where everyone is always into life. No one has time to wait and listen to others. Everyone is in Darwin’s competition for life. Huge shopping malls, Coffee Café, IT industries in a row. The scenario of the other side of it is extremely calm quite as if it is running late in time. It is still some decade behind, with hand-pulled rickshaws, street side tea shop serving tea in a mud cookery, olden days buildings. The streets give us a glimpse of the variety that characterises the city. The city streets represents our culture from the huge monuments of famous freedom fighters.The street foods of Calcutta – phuchka, papri chaat, jhal muri, different kinds of fries- are famous. It is often said you know,that the feel of Calcutta is hidden in it the taste of its foods. 

At night the scenario completely changes. The streets slow down. Din-and-bustle completely reduced. At that time our own known streets become almost unrecognisable. 

I always feel a sense of belonging with this city. And I do carry a lot of pride in my heart for Calcutta. I love my city. Its streets its alleys. The people. The culture. 


Picture Courtesy : Arijit Sengupta.

                             Anders Edgreen.