19 Things I Learnt At 19!

Finally I stepped into the last teen year of my life this Feb. The lucky 19! which is pretty sad and at the same time joyful. 🙂 

So, I listed here 19 things I learnt by my 19. 

1, Create yourself every single day of your life. 

2. I’m beautiful as I am. And there is just one of me. Just one. 

3. Wake up early even if you don’t have to, you will feel so much more productive. 

4. Listen to your parents. Everything they do is usually for the better. 

5. Be feerless. Be wild. Be free. Most importantly. Be Crazy.

“You are onlr given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it”. ~ Robin Williams. 

6. Dreams don’t work unless you do. No. You just can’t end up dreaming things you want. You have to work for it hard. 

7. Laugh loudly, laugh often and most importantly laugh at yourself. Never make the mistake of taking yourself too seriously. If you do so. You may miss out some fun part of your life. 

8. Be sure of yourself. Confident and brave. 

9. Life is full of surprises and you never know who you are going to meet the next moment. 

10. Make yourself your best friend. 

11. Drink coffee. Read books. Knowledge is the most powerful gift. 

12. Get out of your comfort zone. You will be in a whole new place. You will find a whole new you. 

13. Take new opportunities. They will normally lead you to a new way of success. 

14. ” Why not me?” Should be your motto. 

15. Don’t go searching for love. 

16. How to forgive myself- There are times when I blame myself a lot of situations and circumstances. I need to learn to accept situations and love myself a little more. 

17. Its okay to feel sad. Not everyday you will have things 100%  okay and perfect. 

18, Your mind is so powerful &  can bring anything into your life.

19. Learn to say NO. I will do things that makes ME happy.

Lastly, its okay to put yourself first. 

-thriti 💙💙 


Author: Thriti's Blog

Dreamer And Achiever.

4 thoughts on “19 Things I Learnt At 19!”

  1. This is indeed a powerful read!

    Let your own vibe sparkle all the time.Be crazy, Be happy and most importantly ‘Be you’… Stay bleesed love! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

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