Mordern Mirrors

People have always had the habit of admiring their beauty in mirrors. Earlier fashionable mirrors were used for this purpose. But now we have ‘selfies‘. Selfies are nothing but self-images. People are obsessed with taking the perfect selfie. 

A selfie has been defined as ‘the obsessive compulsive desire to take photo of one’s self and post them on social media as a way to make up for the back of self-esteem and to fill a gap in intimacy’. 

It is categorised into three levels- borderline, acute and chronic. Selfies are actually clicked for self- satisfaction. People crave for ‘likes’ and comments rather than real admiration. 

Work to minimise your social media presence. Take in the best of life’s moments without the need to seek approval or commentary from others. Live your own life- don’t live before the eyes of others.

Image courtesy: Google. 

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2 thoughts on “Mordern Mirrors”

  1. I think the selfies are also a cry for help. In our world it feels like you are either the best, the most or nothing. We don’t want to be nothing. The selfies say “hey look at me! I exist!” I think this is especially hard on young people who have grown up being expected to post. A lack of social media presence is suspect.
    The problem started with television programs: people on the programs are always going for either a laugh or an emotional response. We have come to expect that is how interpersonal relationships work. When social media joined the scene, we are hit with a barrage of people trying to outdo one another in getting a response…and having to go to greater and greater extents to get the response because we are all becoming inured. It’s like grade inflation but with emotions.
    You don’t feel like posting about what isn’t going well. In a lot of cases it isn’t anyone’s business…but we all seem to feel like it is everyone’s business if things are going well. It gives a lopsided view of life. I believe that the near epidemic levels of depression in the world are due to this.

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    1. True. Absolutely true. The fact is that social media is such that people is believing the stuffs that are not real at all. They all are running behind mirage.


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