I Choose You. 

I choose you,as I wake up.

I choose you.as I feel the air on my skin. 

I choose you at 7. 
I choose you when everything around me is alive, rushing, loud.
Feet shuffling, sellers selling, Bell ringing,

I choose you when people fighting for their place;

because. I already found mine when I saw your eyes.
I choose you in the middle of my busy life at 11:30, 

As I try to scramble my brain for answers,

Life’s going but you’re all I see,

And I don’t want to, but I smile. 
I choose you when I see everyone returning at 3. 

Am I losing my mind?

Hey there! You are smiling at me.
Its 8 pm. assignments, chores and lot of other things.

And yet all I could think of was with you. 

The gleam in your eyes. the care in your heart. the love in your mind. 

How do I let go of that all?

I choose you. 
Almost midnight. 

I’m awake as I replay our memories in my mind. 

Its 12:54 and my fragile heart can’t crumble anymore.

I choose you as I get your call. 

I will never stop choosing you. xoxo.


Make The Best Use Of Life. ⏳

Make the best use of life

Life is not a bed of roses, nor a piece of cake. Life is very unpredictable. You never know what awaits you in the future. It throws you into hardships and failures. At times life becomes a battlefield running on negativity. During this phase you cannot lose hope and give up. At such times you have to make a shield by making use of whatever you have. Just like the proverb ‘When life throws you lemons, make lemonade’. 

Giving up on tough times are a sign of coward ness, rather than seeing the positive side of it which is in fact the most important and difficult task. 
Time does not wait for anyone; it moves on. Learn to move with the flow, face all situations with a smile and never. i repeat never give up. 


Being happy and satisfied in life is most important. 💜