Mordern Mirrors

People have always had the habit of admiring their beauty in mirrors. Earlier fashionable mirrors were used for this purpose. But now we have ‘selfies‘. Selfies are nothing but self-images. People are obsessed with taking the perfect selfie. 

A selfie has been defined as ‘the obsessive compulsive desire to take photo of one’s self and post them on social media as a way to make up for the back of self-esteem and to fill a gap in intimacy’. 

It is categorised into three levels- borderline, acute and chronic. Selfies are actually clicked for self- satisfaction. People crave for ‘likes’ and comments rather than real admiration. 

Work to minimise your social media presence. Take in the best of life’s moments without the need to seek approval or commentary from others. Live your own life- don’t live before the eyes of others.

Image courtesy: Google. 

Happy blogging! 💜



19 Things I Learnt At 19!

Finally I stepped into the last teen year of my life this Feb. The lucky 19! which is pretty sad and at the same time joyful. 🙂 

So, I listed here 19 things I learnt by my 19. 

1, Create yourself every single day of your life. 

2. I’m beautiful as I am. And there is just one of me. Just one. 

3. Wake up early even if you don’t have to, you will feel so much more productive. 

4. Listen to your parents. Everything they do is usually for the better. 

5. Be feerless. Be wild. Be free. Most importantly. Be Crazy.

“You are onlr given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it”. ~ Robin Williams. 

6. Dreams don’t work unless you do. No. You just can’t end up dreaming things you want. You have to work for it hard. 

7. Laugh loudly, laugh often and most importantly laugh at yourself. Never make the mistake of taking yourself too seriously. If you do so. You may miss out some fun part of your life. 

8. Be sure of yourself. Confident and brave. 

9. Life is full of surprises and you never know who you are going to meet the next moment. 

10. Make yourself your best friend. 

11. Drink coffee. Read books. Knowledge is the most powerful gift. 

12. Get out of your comfort zone. You will be in a whole new place. You will find a whole new you. 

13. Take new opportunities. They will normally lead you to a new way of success. 

14. ” Why not me?” Should be your motto. 

15. Don’t go searching for love. 

16. How to forgive myself- There are times when I blame myself a lot of situations and circumstances. I need to learn to accept situations and love myself a little more. 

17. Its okay to feel sad. Not everyday you will have things 100%  okay and perfect. 

18, Your mind is so powerful &  can bring anything into your life.

19. Learn to say NO. I will do things that makes ME happy.

Lastly, its okay to put yourself first. 

-thriti 💙💙 


My city Calcutta is often referred to as ‘the city of joy’.

The streets of the city add a greater dimension to its beauty. They hum with life. They are always busy. They are filled with mystery, history and wrapped in nostalgia. The streets of Calcutta are may not be well maintained. But it shelters many lives at night. And earns living for street hawkers. Sometimes these turn into huge business area like Gariahut, Esplanade, College Street. The whole day the noise of people buying and bargaining items will fill your ear. Walking on them daily is a nightmare. The street names are connected with its past. Often named after famous personality who belonged to this city.  Calcutta is famous for its iconic trum rails. In one side of Calcuttan street you will get to see the expensive cars, huge lorry carrying industrial goods chasing the whole day. Where everyone is always into life. No one has time to wait and listen to others. Everyone is in Darwin’s competition for life. Huge shopping malls, Coffee Café, IT industries in a row. The scenario of the other side of it is extremely calm quite as if it is running late in time. It is still some decade behind, with hand-pulled rickshaws, street side tea shop serving tea in a mud cookery, olden days buildings. The streets give us a glimpse of the variety that characterises the city. The city streets represents our culture from the huge monuments of famous freedom fighters.The street foods of Calcutta – phuchka, papri chaat, jhal muri, different kinds of fries- are famous. It is often said you know,that the feel of Calcutta is hidden in it the taste of its foods. 

At night the scenario completely changes. The streets slow down. Din-and-bustle completely reduced. At that time our own known streets become almost unrecognisable. 

I always feel a sense of belonging with this city. And I do carry a lot of pride in my heart for Calcutta. I love my city. Its streets its alleys. The people. The culture. 


Picture Courtesy : Arijit Sengupta.

                             Anders Edgreen.



​2016 – a roller coaster ride. 

I gained. I lost. I learnt to stand up. I learnt not to look back. Found the meaning of ‘life’.

I got influenced. I learnt to stand on my point. I met a lot of lovely people in this year. I’m so thankful for that.I  got to get involved in a lot of interesting things. I met success. I got to know people. I went through difficult situations and learnt to hold myself tightly during storms. I got inspired. I got motivated. I read. I painted. I sang. I danced. I cried. I laughed. Thank you 2016 for making me who I am today! 


Wish you all my blogger friends here a very happy and prosperous new year. May all our dreams come true this year. 

-Thriti and family.💞💙💙



I an like a lost wind.

blowing here and there.

With a mind full of thoughts to share

I flow from the water

And cross the mountains

I reach the gulf, ocean and bay

But I still cannot find a way to say

I have secrets within myself

And an ardent desire to speak

To open the mystery of this world

And shine like an emerald

I want my mouth to express my sorrow

I wish, if I could borrow

I am sure that one day ibwould speak within the crowd

With a peaceful, perfect and a voice so loud. 

-Thriti 💕 


We are always surrounded by stories. We walk past stories, whiz past them in cars, and even speak about them inadvertently. When we write stories our primary motive is to make them stand out among other stories. All stories are so similar and yet so different. They are similar in the sense that every story speaks about a person’s life, and different in the sense that lives of no two persons are the same. Everywhere we go, stories follow us like shadows. Stories talk to us if only we care to listen. The story of the man driving the cab is radically different from that of the man sitting at the back. Yet both of them are in the sane car in close proximity. Likewise, stories can attain different characteristics too. Popular fiction, which we are acquainted with, has excellent narratives, keeps the readers completely hooked, but does not have ornamental language or literary devices. At the same time, literally fiction fiction is replete with both language and good writing style, but lacks diverting narratives. But both are stories procured from everyday life and tells tales about people. We tend to consider writers to be blessed with extraordinary imaginative skills but little are we aware of the fact that stories are floating in volumes all around us. All we need to do is to keep our eyes open. 



I dreamt to become a fairy,

Under the star studded sky I planned to fly with glory,

The sun will welcome me in the morning,

And then my life will be lighted brightly…. but

All of a sudden I dropped the mirror from my hand,

My dreams broke in pieces and my heart became numb

I saw my face in the broken mirror and realised that a girl became separate in pieces,.

I cried but nobody heard me,

I never found the answer as to why I was sad,

God sent me to cry and said be happy with that,

And I am still continuing my job..

I love to smile but people love to make me cry,

Someday my eyes will cry but, tears will dry,

I do not know who will come and wipe my tears

Ha! Ha! Ha! I know no one,

Because I deserve a heart which is full of sorrow and anxiety

made with bricks of grief!