We are always surrounded by stories. We walk past stories, whiz past them in cars, and even speak about them inadvertently. When we write stories our primary motive is to make them stand out among other stories. All stories are so similar and yet so different. They are similar in the sense that every story speaks about a person’s life, and different in the sense that lives of no two persons are the same. Everywhere we go, stories follow us like shadows. Stories talk to us if only we care to listen. The story of the man driving the cab is radically different from that of the man sitting at the back. Yet both of them are in the sane car in close proximity. Likewise, stories can attain different characteristics too. Popular fiction, which we are acquainted with, has excellent narratives, keeps the readers completely hooked, but does not have ornamental language or literary devices. At the same time, literally fiction fiction is replete with both language and good writing style, but lacks diverting narratives. But both are stories procured from everyday life and tells tales about people. We tend to consider writers to be blessed with extraordinary imaginative skills but little are we aware of the fact that stories are floating in volumes all around us. All we need to do is to keep our eyes open. 




I dreamt to become a fairy,

Under the star studded sky I planned to fly with glory,

The sun will welcome me in the morning,

And then my life will be lighted brightly…. but

All of a sudden I dropped the mirror from my hand,

My dreams broke in pieces and my heart became numb

I saw my face in the broken mirror and realised that a girl became separate in pieces,.

I cried but nobody heard me,

I never found the answer as to why I was sad,

God sent me to cry and said be happy with that,

And I am still continuing my job..

I love to smile but people love to make me cry,

Someday my eyes will cry but, tears will dry,

I do not know who will come and wipe my tears

Ha! Ha! Ha! I know no one,

Because I deserve a heart which is full of sorrow and anxiety

made with bricks of grief!


How It Goes🌼

Through my whole body flew a gush of pain

And my pride became an ugly mass of sorrow.

No, it wasn’t a surprise, ’cause I knew it

And that’s how our lives GI.

From the prettiest bud I bloomed

My soft petals shown with utter elegance

On them sparkled those few drops like diamonds.

And the wind bathed in my fragrance.

The next morning, my pride and I shrank to the ground.

The dust, though soft, matted my beauty, my fragrance.

And the thousands of feet that passed by,

Took care to crush me, my pride, my elegance. 

-Thriti 💕

Nothing in life is permanent except the memories. The thing you are calling beautiful today will be dark black shrunken object tomorrow. So live for today. Live for this moment. Love life. Be a lover of Life. 


Think Positive. ➕✔

Nobody would argue that electricity exists. You can’t touch, smell or hear it, but its effects are evident everywhere you look. Its power is evident everywhere you look.

In the same way, your thoughts are energy. Your thoughts drive your life, just as electricity drives a motor. That is the power there in having a positive mental attitude. 

Yes, I am not the first one to say this and I beg I won’t be the last either. You know why? Because its true. Its simple, but. True. There us power in thoughts; in negative and in positive thinking. 

Choose positively and you will enjoy positive energy and positive results. 💯 


— Thriti Das. 💕

The Versatile Blogger Award.

​First let me start with thanks giving theshowersofblessing from for nominating me for this award. A huge thank you to this superb blogger who’s writings you will definitely love. Such an wonderful blogger she is. You can check out her profile from the link above 🔝


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Seven Random Facts about Myself.

  1. I dream Big.
  2. I love my mom a lot. I have seen her struggle for upbringing me the time when my dad expired suddenly. That was a bolt from the blue situation for my family. And I dream to give her back everything that she deserves.
  3. I wear spects. I love to have collect shoes. Especially Snickers.(that’s funny).
  4. I finish a box of Kleenex when I’m sad. Or a tub of ice cream maybe.
  5. I’m very stubborn regarding my career.
  6. I love to travel and also I’m a bookworm.
  7. I’m a lover of life. I love my life. And I love every bit of it. And I dream of ticking out every points I have in my bucket list. 

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    Thank you so much.

    This is Life. 🍁🍁

    During which you have to stay alive,

    And bear all the grievances:

    As honey is stored in a bee-hive
    Sometimes you meet as you walk by,

    Happiness which acts as a squirrel,

    Indeed very shy and trouble of all shorts,that wonder about.

    And you figure out,

    each of them, to be fat and stout.

    This lane of life is full of strife

    Taking along terror, anger, failure and sadness ;

    All made into knife,

    And stabbing all the happy moments

    That construct a joyous life.

    So, don’t let trouble rule your entire life

    And let happiness to be the spirit which is to live inside.

    A bigger core of your heart and a great success

    Should be the aim of your life. 




    KEEP ON BLOGGING :mrgreen::D



    All the happiness in me dies.

    Brine, brine in my eyes

    Bleary vision, future’s bleak

    From my heart emerges such reek.

    Oh, I have been made do weak!

    Chilly gates, sweltering loo

    Don’t know simply what to do.

    Wish I could surrender my all in you.

    Bosom heaves, self revolts

    Scathing failures, umpteen jolts

    Wish like the caterpillar I could moult.

    Nights arrived gone is day.

    No hope around, around no ray.

    Life is now in such dismay.

    Mind isn’t still.

    Dread in me does fill,

    Thoughts ascillate,kill,

    With passing time I become

    Helpless, desperate, lonely, lame

    Mortal existence is such a tough game

    I think I’ll leave it to time,

    I think I’ll just leave it to time,

    Yes I do think that’ll be fine.