Time Heals All Pain

Sat at the window still,

With eyes that were wet without her will,

Wondering as she stared into the sky;

Couldn’t He spare her to say her last goodbye?

Blaming her happiness’s departure all on herself,

As she realised that she was a powerless, punny elf. 

All souls have once gone through pain;

Feeling helpless and miserable at the devil’s gain,

Holding ourselves together we gave to let time go by.

Even then when we’ll look back we’ll stop and sigh,

But patience is all we have to keep,for as they say,

Time heals all pain.

Standing and staring at the letter that she held,

Enclosed in it was that she was betrayed;

Buried her face in her hands as she recalled those days,

While he and she hold hands while exploring beaches and bays,

Feeling good at his newfound again,

Meanwhile she felt terrible as she felt herself in pain. 

Thus world if ours can make us feel miserable;

But sufferings only make us strong and stable.

As time passes we learn to move on,

Forgetting bit by bit by the end of each dawn;

And by keeping patience we all succeed, for as they say,

Time heals all pain. 


-Thriti 💙💙


ART-the source of my inspiration. ☺🎨

Art brings beauty and harmony to our world. It is important because it makes our world a better place to live in with the sense of enjoyment, relaxation and pleasure. I have experienced it as an important tool of expression as I have found it enables me to examine my beliefs, perception of truth, my experience and feelings. It has the ability to take one to a different world and to gain historical perspective by understanding the subjects that one draw. Art allows us to appreciate different periods in history and their impact and significance in our world.

Indus Valley Civilization Arts! 

Artists serve as historians in this role, documenting life on canvas, photography or sculpture. Art may be used to express chaos and misunderstanding and also the abstract. I have understood it to be a means, by which one understands the society and culture. Art is important as an intellectual stimulant as it can trigger emotions. I have always felt that art communicates across all culture, tells the stories of the past and present and inspire minds, both young and old very deeply. Art consoles man to help him imagine beyond the world. It fulfills eternal human desire to beautify and glamorise man’s short life on this earth. It is a medium which establises communication with human beings which enters into a long lasting relationship. It gives people a possibility to express themselves. Art links us with people’s lives, interests and ideals. It helps people to understand the outside world and each other better. Art develops our good qualities. It also has a great education significance. Art brings people up- makes them more human and kind. How true is that- the language of art is universal! 

My experience and feelings for art is beyond the world. It has made me gain peace of mind and has also helped in increasing my patience and stability. I have also experienced an enhancement in my concentration and imagination. 🙂 

Back in ’03 and ’12 when me and my brother got our first attraction towards Art! 🎨 

Right one by me and left by my brother! ☺

Still Awaiting My Hogwarts Letter…

My new obsession. 🙂 📑

Hellow people! I’m back after a really long time! ☺ 

Being an ardent Potterhead, after reading “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” I thought of sharing some of my Potter-feelings with you. 

So, Falling in love with Harry Potter has been the most magical experience of my life. Watching the movies on loop, reading the books from the first page of the first book to the last page of the last book innumerable times, looking at owls expectantly, feeling nostalgic on watching the last scene of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2, eyeing Londoners and every soul on earth with a ticket to Harry Potter and The Cursed Child with envy and above all loving everything about books. Praying like a maniac for the Cursed Child to come to my hand has been the latest addition to my mania.  


I got them all. ☺😇

Whenever there is something related to Harry Potter I just can’t stop screaming. I can’t explain how much I love Harry Potter. 💟 The way Harry and his friends stuck together until the end, that is true friendship, I could never stop being a Potterhead, its a big part of my childhood.  I can go on blabbering about the books and the movies. This talent of mine once led a close friend to complain to the teacher that I was disturbing her(actually getting on her nerves). And. I have written down and practiced the spells too. ☺ I once had a fight with a friend when I was reading Order of  Phoenix in which we see Harry’s temper. And my excuse was. “I didn’t mean to be so rude, but, given that Harry’s temper was always high, I couldn’t be expected to be cool.” 😂  Totally a Pottermaniac.  Some of my super cool maniacs were-

  • I used to break twigs from trees, turning it into wand and then firing spells at friends. 
  • I used to relate every single HP character with people from mg own life. 
  • Not used to. But. I am still awaiting for an owl to come with a letter from Hogwarts. *big laugh* ☺

Now I had a few guesses before and while I was halfway through the Cursed Child. When I found out that Albus Potter was nothing like His father. I thought may be he was the cursed child and that maybe a part of voldemort was in him. As I read further I thought it may be Scorpius, because there were rumers that he was the son of Voldemort. But when Draco reveals that he has a real Time-turner and tells Harry all about how his wife Astoria was weak but still gave birth to Scorpius. So that got me thinking. “Who was the real cursed child”. Without disclosing my personal opinion  I ask here. Who was the real cursed child? 

1) Albus Potter.

2) so-called son/daughter of Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix? 


Got two more books on the same day! *happiness* 🙂

Sometimes I wake up late at night to watch HP films for the twenty-seventh time. 🙂


The War Within

Through the wars unfought,

Through the enemies unseen;

I’ve led myself caught

Between my misery and being. 

Days went by standing on the battle field.

Unknown was the reason,

Night went by yeilding my shield

Yet, I was lost all season.

They called me asking a warrior undefeatable, unconquerable:

But, little did they know of my fear,

Which had driven my mind unstable.

I screamed for help in agony,

Although my voice produced no sound. 

When had I fallen into this felony:

I realized I was lost,never to be found.  

“I  realized I was lost,never to be found. ” 

-xo ☺

Girl. You are Beautiful.

You are beautiful. 

You are rare.

You are worthwhile. 

This life is entirely yours. This life is all about rewarding yourself with every single entity you so-well-deserve. 

It is about working a career that you love. It is about saving money to travel the world. To shop for the stuffs you like and to save to your future. 

Girl. You deserve better. You deserve the most beautiful authentic love that life has to offer. You deserve the one who loves how genuine your heart is. 

This short span of time which God has gifted you is all about dealing with your flaws. Learning to love your faults and accepting your not-so-beautiful qualities. This time is all about laughing loudly while watching a comedy movie or screaming to the top of your lungs when you watch a horror movie or finishing up a box of Kleenex while watching a sad movie. It is about eating till your stomach is filled as if a really bad drought and famine is about to come to pass. 

Your life is about being Independent-Intelligent-Important.

Your life is about taking a deep breath by yourself without choking. About jumping without being scared of falling. It is your time to jump, fly,  live fearlessly. To climb your own mountain and to go out and live. 

It is the time to put your big girl shoes on now. It is the time to look at yourself in the mirror and telling that you are enough. Time to shine without needing a diamond ring in your finger. Time to put yourself first. 


At the end of the day you are going to leave this earth by yourself just like you entered it by yourself. 

Here’s to a much happier future! 



What Success Is..

Success is not just winning.

It is “winning over” the hearts of many,

Success is not just victory,

Because even victors were failures once,

Success is not just happiness

It is also about the moment’s satisfying smile,

Success is not always hard work,

Who knows,if you are a prodigy? 

Success is not distressed by failure in a test

You might as well be successful tomorrow,

Success is not just about “position” and “possession”,

It depends on how possessed you are by the thought of your position.

And failure;

It is not a catastrophe

All it indicates is,

Success is waiting for you in propinquity. 

– Thriti. 

Seasons and memories


Memories are turning into sketches of grey.

Life still reflects in words everything I try to say,

Images and ideas swim from a quill to a white page,

The overpowering ink-stained emotions become the latest rage

Characters become lovers;a pencil an embrace,

Acts become life,a father’s kind face;

Imagination and creation both share a space,

Thoughts taking shape,events interlace.

Abstractly quiet,mournfully beautiful a long stemmed rose

Coloured pencil memories,hands at poise,the pen in response.

-td 🙂